About Sojudesign

Hi there, my name is Toni and I've created Sojudesign as Solution Juice Ltd's vessel to provide professional graphic and web design services for businesses of all sizes.

Sojudesign is about providing such high-quality services to businesses that will make not only the clients happy, but me happy as well (even if that does sound a bit cheesy). For me it’s all about providing the right services or solutions for the right client in question – and doing everything properly!

Why choose Sojudesign?

Business Specific Solutions

As every business is different and the needs are different, the best suited solutions will be designed on a customer by customer basis.

Eye for Detail

The ability to spot and prevent even the tiniest mistakes helps to ensure the best possible quality of work – be it design work or window decal installation.

The Whole Package

Due to the nature of the (almost) complete offering, everything can be provided in an efficient manner and at a greater convenience for you.

Truly Customer Oriented

Only one bigger project will be taken on at a time, ensuring unparalleled dedication towards the customer and getting the project completed in the best way possible.

Peace of Mind

You can always be sure that all the works are done by using legitimate software and all licenses will be acquired accordingly and documentation provided to you.

Save Time & Money

When you do things properly the first time around, you don’t have to spend your valuable focus, time and money on anything else than your own business and clients.