Web Design

Web Design

One of Sojudesign's core-competences and passions is to make aesthetically appealing but functional and purposeful websites! The current go-to workhorse for websites is WordPress. By using WordPress Sojudesign is able to provide your business with a website that can be created in no time with low costs, but it is also the perfect solution if you want a website that is easy for you to maintain and update!


One of the most important parts of your website in addition to looks and functionality is SEO (Search Engine Optimisation). And this is due to the fact that even if you have the nicest and the most beautiful website with all bells and whistles; if nobody finds the website and you get no visitors organically it's pretty pointless in helping you sell more. And that's where SEO comes in.

However, SEO isn't about just driving any old traffic or spamming keywords and being found on search engines like Google for anyone and everyone: The most important aspect of proper SEO is driving the relevant traffic for your business. This will help you connect with the potential customers you want - and Sojudesign can help you achieve this by providing basic SEO keyword research and implementation services in addition to creating your website!